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Mysteries - Grave Passage

12 million people take a cruise each year.
Most have fun.
Some die.
Henry Grave investigates.

Grave Passage

With only days until their final post, the passengers of the Contessa Voyager learn that their guest lecturer, an ex-F.B.I. profiler, has been found hanging from the ship's rock-climbing wall. Suddenly their balmy, carefree idyll on the Caribbean is fraught with danger and anxiety. Will someone else be next? What can the shipping line do to ease the passengers fears? Clearly, this is a job for Henry Grave, a professional maritime detective. Join him as he helicopters aboard to solve the crime. His methods and style are unusual, and guaranteed to keep you laughing as you follow hum from one hidden clue to the next.
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"Henry Grave is laugh-out-out-loud funny. This is one of the most enjoyable crime books I've read in a long time. The dialogue is witty, the situations unexpected, and the resolution surprising and satisfying. Henry Grave is one of a kind and an absolute joy."  -Mark West, Author, Fort Ross

"William Doonan’s first novel, Grave Passage, an offbeat romp of a murder mystery, provides a terrific bit of escapism. Doonan, an honorable mention in SN&R’s last Flash Fiction Contest, has a unique voice that combines cozy and travelogue, all told from the perspective of an absent-minded old man (think Peter Falk’s Detective Columbo solving cases in retirement). Hero Henry Grave is helicoptered onto a cruise ship in mid-trip after one of the “entertainers”—a former FBI agent—is found strangled. With his checkered history and bumbling approach, Grave is an unlikely hero who nevertheless has the confidence of the owner of the cruise line. He needs to discreetly solve the case and help protect the ship’s reputation as a safe place to vacation. But his time is limited and suspects are not; plus, here are all sorts of distractions. Expect to chuckle as Grave rambles through his case."     -Sheryl Beauvais, Sacramento News & Review 10/19/09

"What can I say--I started reading this book with the anticipation that it would be an average murder mystery, and boy was I wrong. This was so much more; it exceeded my expectations by far. I was bummed when I got to that last page because that meant the story was over." -Mark Filippelli, Sacramento Book Review

"I'd never been on a cruise until I joined Henry Grave in Grave Passage. What a fun time we had, he and I, along with all the other intriguing characters, savory and unsavory. The mystery of Grave Passage is a fast romp, well conceived, and it serves as a perfect vehicle for this delightful new protagonist. Let's hope there are many more Grave cruises to come." -Todd Borg, author of The Ocean McKenna Tahoe Mysteries

"Doonan keeps you guessing until the end. But there are no tricks here. What there is is a broad cast of well-fleshed characters, every one of which adds something to the story. Doonan doesn't waste words. You'll be satisfied."  -Kimberly Wade, author of Thrall

"Take a voyage with Henry Grave as he works his way through the suspects, with some interesting side trips, in this charming, funny and clever mystery."  -USA Book News

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