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Aleutian Grave

Aleutian Grave explores crime in the Bering Sea. Henry Grave returns as an investigator for the Association of Cruising Vessel Operators.


A World War II P.O.W., Henry is as cunning as he is charming, and at 85 years of age, he fits right in with his fellow passengers. The arctic exploration ship Nikolai Gorodish is cruising the Aleutian islands when a cabaret dancer named Rose DeSilva is found stabbed to death. More deaths will follow.



Grave Indulgence

At 1200 feet long, the cruise ship Indulgence is the largest in the world. Indulgence is anchored off Helsinki, Finland, preparing to take on passengers for her inaugural voyage when Henry comes aboard.   read more >>

American Caliphate

Jila and Ben are on the verge of a discovery that could change what we know about Western Civilization. But someone doesn't want them to do that.

After an ambush that nearly cost them her life, they return to uncover the truth. On top of the real threats of those who need the truth to remain hidden, it seems the universe is now fighting against them too.

The ruined pyramids at Santiago de Paz hide an important document that would shock the Islamic world. As they brace for the ravaging storms of El Niño, archaeologists Jila and Ben hurry to complete their excavations. But they’re not the only ones interested in this project. Other forces are determined that the document remain hidden.
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